Dear Colleague:      4/24/17    This is a short letter of the longer version here:    Please forward this to your teacher friends.


It is likely MDCPS owes you and all of our teaching colleagues an average of $3000 since Fall of 2014 in underpaid salaries.  Left unaddressed, this amount will be lost annually for the rest of all of our lives.

Consider that the Herald has just published a story on the impossibility of teachers in Miami-Dade to buy their own homes – because salaries have been depressed below cost of living:

Consider that MDCPS HR department sends out a letter each year explaining to teachers how to properly apply for foodstamps:

Consider that between 2009-15, MDCPS diverted $127 Million from salary to construction and failed to raise sufficient taxes to cover negotiated teacher steps/raises from an available $500 Million tax base.

Consider that SB736 required the salary schedule in effect July 2014 to become the permanent schedule for veteran teachers and that it would dictate the annual salary increases of Annual Contract teachers between $3000 and $6000 per year – enough to give incentive to PSCs to switch over to Annual.

Is it any wonder that teachers are applying for welfare and trapped without economic power to buy a house to live in in the communities where their students live comfortably in their own homes?

You are a potential leader of your colleagues in a system that has been broken for decades – broken between selfish superintendents and board members and ineffective bargaining (after all, how did they miss the diverted $127 million and the $500 million in untaxed resources for salary?).

You have the opportunity to be a leader – to look at the available information and make a decision to share a solution with your colleagues – there is a group of teachers who hired a team of lawyers to challenge MDCPS’ unlawful actions described above.

Prerequisite charges were filed in Florida’s court for Public Employee issues – PERC.  After hearing our case, PERC ruled that they would only hear such charges from the bargaining agent against the district-  that we as individual teachers had no standing to file in their court.

Contrary to rumors, teachers did not lose the case, but were told to take the case to civil court as individuals so they could file as a class action lawsuit to protect all teachers’ pay.

If you would like to join and help certify for the class action lawsuit, Click here for the retainer agreement:

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Please forward this to your teacher friends.


Sincerely, Your teaching colleagues fighting for all of our steps, back pay, and future pay.